Important Reminder - Shipping prices on larger items that must be shipped via UPS or Fedex will be increasing 15-30% effective January 1, 2015 as both carriers move to a dimensional freight model. Vendors with flat rate or free shipping policies will pass this cost onto their customers through higher product pricing. Customers should consider making their larger purchases in 2014.

Steve D'Gerolamo

Steve D'Gerolamo and the Ultimate Garage are the guiding force and inspiration behind some of the finest garages in the world. Inside and out, they are engineered to meet the owner's current and future needs with an unsurpassed level of appointment and detail. From tools, lighting, and storage solutions to showcase automotive museums and fully equipped workshops, let Steve help you create and outfit your own "ultimate garage"!

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What's New

  • Facom Price Sheet - December 10, 2014 - shows current (2014) Suggested Retail pricing, Ultimate Garage Sale price, country of origin and quantity in stock. Over 2850 different tools in stock for immediate shipment. Please refer to Facom's 2013 Digital Catalog for details on all of their current product offerings....the Product DataSheet will include weights, dimensions, line drawings, etc. Special orders on items and quantities not in stock typically take 3-5 weeks to come in from France.

  • Facom Warranty & Product Support - Ultimate Garage US customers only!

  • Warehouse Parts/Tools/Storage Auction - too much to list separately. If you see any items of interest in the large photos, drop me an email. Willing to accept reasonable offers before listing on Ebay. BMW classic parts (1967-1999), woodworking and automotive tools, shelving, Movit Big Brake kits, wheel spacers, audio equipment, electical supplies and fixtures, lighting, hardware and fasteners, collectibles, etc.

  • Ultimate Garage Closing its BMW Parts Business - After 35 years of selling and supporting BMW automotive parts, I will be discontinuing this part of my business. Inventory will be sold at "close-out" pricing on the website. Purchases from these Sale Lists will have to be invoiced and processed manually to apply the discounted pricing. Mainly BMW although there are some items for VW/Porsche, Mazda, Toyota and others. More lists to follow........

Master List - updated Oct 28, 2014

  • Phone Orders - if you're uncomfortable ordering online or not quite sure what you need, you can reach me from 9-5pm (EST), Monday-Friday, or 9am-noon (EST) on Saturday.... 201-262-0412

  • International Orders - by phone or email only. Payment via Paypal or wire transfer. Most orders will be shipped via Fedex economy air with deep discount rates, online tracking and no Fedex brokerage fees (you'll still need to pay local customs & taxes).


Ultimate Garage Product Gallery

Most products listed below are in stock and available for sale online or at my location in Emerson, NJ. Please call or email for an appointment and directions. All NJ sales subject to 7% sales tax. Ultimate Garage accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express & Paypal.


Facom Hand Tools - Ultimate Garage is the largest stocking dealer of Facom tools in the US today (2800+ items). We also provide warranty support (repair, exchange or replacement) on most eligible Facom items (see details).

Alto / Wap Vacuums - Attix Vacuums

Bags and Filters - Alto and Wap Vacuums - Turbo, SQ, Attix, etc

Alto / Wap vacuums - sales and service - Ultimate Garage stocks the current Attix 30 & 50 models and a complement of tools, accessories, consumables (bags and filters), and repair parts for all Alto and Wap shop vacuum models. Hepa models meet RRP standards and all Alto vacuums with sealable bags are suitable for bed bug extraction.

ABA Hose Clamps and Ultimate Garage - Online Store

ABA Stainless Steel hose clamps - Ultimate Garage sells ABA mini, rubber sleeve and Ultra "original series" worm-drive clamps. Mini and rubber sleeve clamps are 304ss (W4/S40-minimum time to red rust is 500hrs) and the Original series are an acid resistant 316ss (W5/S50...suitable for use in salt water...minimum time to red rust is 2000hrs). All sizes are typically in stock for immediate shipment.

Spax Screws and Ultimate Garage - Online Store

Spax Screws - don't compromise your project with inferior hardware. Spax screws - high quality European standards at affordable pricing.

Prevost Couplers - standard and safety push-button release connectors. Great for any shop that uses compressed air.


BMW Parts and Specialty Tools - Ultimate Garage has been selling BMW automotive parts and specialty tools since 1978. Long enough to know what's good and what's not.

Original equipment quality parts at discount pricing. Hardware, tools and tech support available to complement most parts purchases.


Flashlights - military grade EDC (Every Day Carry), Tactical and Search & Rescue flashlights using the latest Cree and Luminus high lumen LED's. Olight, Nightcore, Fenix, PowerTac and others.

All flashlights are available for evening field for an appt.


Stanley Virax Online Store

Virax Cordless Pressing Tools - Virax offers a wide selection of quality plumbing and pipe fitting tools in Europe (many sold with Facom branding). Ultimate Garage stocks the M20+ and some of their popular pipe cutters & wrenches. Virax products are made in France. Lifetime warranty.


Metric Hardware - quality metric grade 8,8, 10.9 and 12.9 fasteners from select European foundries.