I established Ultimate Garage in 1994 following a 20-year career with IBM. The name was chosen to reflect the company's mission....offering the finest parts, tools and accessories for BMW automobiles.

Photo courtesy of 201 Magazine (NJ Media Group)

However, it was the construction and fitup of my home workshop (in 1995) that brought my high end treatment of garages to the attention of others. The web home page photo (below) attracted auto enthusiasts wanting a similar well-equipped and organized workspace. The Ultimate Garage name took on a whole new meaning and the company redirected its products and services to target this new niche market.

Today there are thousands of companies offering garage retrofit and specialty products but few as detail oriented and dedicated to the marriage of technology and design in the workshop. In 2013, I began scaling back on garage consulting (catering to local NJ clients only) and focusing on the product side of the business. Despite the change, I suspect the Ultimate Garage name and reputation will maintain its presence at the forefront of this industry for years to come.

Steve D'Gerolamo



Press & Media

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  • The New York Times Magazine - April 2000
  • BMW Roundel Magazine - November 2001
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Personal Timeline

  • 08/52- 59 - New Orleans & Baton Rouge, LA
  • 60-65 - Emerson, NJ
  • 66-68 - Neuilly (Paris, France) - American School of Paris
  • 69-70 - Emerson, NJ
  • 70-74 - Lancaster, PA - Franklin & Marshall College
  • 74-94 - Emerson, NJ - 20yr Career with IBM Finance
  • 95-2016 - Emerson, NJ - Ultimate Garage

I had planned to relocate to Mooresville (NC) in 2016. Its strong ties to motorsport and lower cost of living made it a great environment for my business and an attractive place to retire. Unfortunately, it looks like I'll be staying here in NJ and we'll be listing our home in the Spring of 2017.

I've decided to try and market the home privately at a lower price before signing with a realtor. This is a "turnkey" home, fully furnished without the cost premium for the staging. It's been given the "Ultimate Garage" treatment with upgrades and attention to detail. Please contact me at 201-262-0412 or ultgar@verizon.net if interested.


Home for Sale -Photos and Details

The economy and resources of the Charlotte/Mooresville, NC area make an ideal business location and great place to retire. Mooresville and its sister city, Hockenheim (Germany) both have strong ties to motorsports.