Toptul is the "house brand" of hand tools for the ROTAR Group, headquartered in Taichung City, Taiwan. ROTAR's core business is vibratory surface finishing equipment and services. With this world class manufacturing and finishing equipment at hand, ROTAR is considered to be one of the best tool manufacturers in the professional tool field in Taiwan. As such, several of the big name US and European tool companies have outsourced production of many of their hand tools to ROTAR/Toptul.


The Toptul line, imported by Ultimate Garage, is available at a fraction of the price of the big name tool companies (eg, Snap-on, Mac, Proto, Facom, etc) without any compromise of quality, finish, packaging and warranty support.

Ultimate Garage is currently selling off its remaining Toptul inventory at deep discount pricing. The quality and finish of the line is superior to anything I've seen coming out of Taiwan. Unfortunately, there are too many other tool options these days and Toptul is seen by many as just another "import" tool company. I hope to place another large stock order later this year. Remaining inventory is listed in the online store.

Steve D'Gerolamo