USAG & Facom Mobile Tool Boxes


Inspection & Unpacking


Each tool box is individually palletized when shipped from Europe. Here are a pair of Facom JET.9M3 boxes shipped on a single pallet from the US point of entry. It is important to inspect these upon delivery (the one on the right had heavy concealed damage). The shrink wrap and straps can be quickly cut and removed before you sign off on the paperwork at delivery.


Shrink wrap and straps removed. No obvious damage to the pallet of cardboard padding.


Metal drawer fronts inspected for impact damage


Aluminum worksurface, handle and top side bumpers inspected for damage.


All is good! At this point, you can sign off on the paperwork and let the driver go. Carefully and slowly lift the cabinet (by the handle) so the casters come out of the styrofoam blocks. Turn the cabinet 90 degrees and lower the left side casters to the floor. Lock the left front caster. Lift the right side of the cabinet so the wheels come out the blocks and remove the pallet. Lower the cabinet to the floor, unlock the caster, and roll the unit into place. You may want to have a second person help you with this, especially for the larger +4 and +5 cabinets.









Damage Claims


If your tool box arrives damaged, indicate this on the bill of lading (waybill) and let me know right away so I can begin the claim. If the damage is relatively minor (eg, a broken handle, damaged worktop or bumper), the replacement part can be sent out immediately (from stock) with online instructions for a quick and easy repair. For heavier damage, a replacement box will be ordered from Europe (2-6 week lead time depneding on brand) and the damaged box will picked up by the carrier.


Minor damage can be repaired on site - Ultimate Garage stocks common repair parts and provides photo instructions to customers upon request