2014 ML350 Bluetec

Basic Tool Kit


Basic Tool Kit - ML350 Bluetec (stores under spare tire)



Tool Roll Contents - 17mm Wheel socket (NSB.17), 3" extension, M14x1.5 Wheel Hanger, Telescoping Breaker Bar (1/2" drive), Tire Gauge & Facom Ratcheting Screwdriver (with assorted slotted/phillips/hex/torx bits)


Breaker bar telescopes from 9.7-15". Blue socket sleeve protects anodized/painted rims. Facom NSB.17 Convex wheel socket works on both hex & convex (flower shape) bolts


Fuel nozzle adapter (diesel) - for emergency fueling at truck stops and stations with outdated pumps . Also compact led flashlight with 4 brightness levels (.5, 5, 85 and 400 lumens) plus strobe. Magnetic tip allows light to be attached to ferrous panels on the car for changing tires at night or other emergency situations.

Fuel nozzle adapter


400 lumen flashlight with magnetic base


Emergency tire gauge


Ultimate Garage Wheel hanger - M Class wheels with tires weigh in excess of 50 lbs. This tool is made of 304ss (stronger than the aluminum tools supplied with the S-class) and allows the owner to hang the heavy wheel on the hub for inserting and tightening the wheel bolts.