Facom Warranty & Product Support


Most Facom tools are covered under a lifetime factory warranty for MANUFACTURER's DEFECTS only! This does not include replacement for wear and tear or mis-use...........

  • Abused or cosmetically affected tools (that are still functional)
  • Ratchets that are slipping due to lack of maintenance or internal wear and tear
  • Consumable products with wearable parts...
    • Blades, shear pins, drill bits, drive bits, etc
    • Internal driver tools - screwdrivers, torx drivers, hex drivers, etc. Sockets & wrenches (external drivers) are covered. They contact the outer edges of the fastener.
    • Tools subject to hammer force & excess torque (impact sockets, impact bits, drift punches, hammer tips, etc)
    • Pliers and cutting tools with wearable jaws and blades (pliers, nippers, pinchers, etc)
    • Tool trays (plastic or foam) in module or case sets
  • Torque wrenches - 1yr factory warranty
  • Air tools - 2yr factory warranty

Factory warranty implies sending the broken tool back to France for evaluation and repair or replacement. As an alternative, Ultimate Garage will replace most broken Facom tools from stock on a "limited cost" exchange basis*. Small items like non-impact sockets and wrenches are usually replaced at no cost if the replacement is shipped with a current order. This process is typically cheaper and much faster than sending the tool back to France. In the event a discontinued tool is returned for exchange, the current production item will be supplied as a replacement (eg, a Black Series, Ergotwist or Enduro screwdriver would be replaced with the current comparable Protwist version).

This program is only for tools purchased through Ultimate Garage (proof of purchase may be required) after Jan 1, 2010. Credit or replacement of defective items will be handled on a case by case basis. Customer is typically responsible for shipping costs (return shipping cost will be waived if the replacement is sent with an outgoing order).

Returns must be pre-approved and sent to.........

Ultimate Garage

235 Kinderkamack Rd

Emerson, NJ 07630

Attn - Facom Warranty Dept


Warranty Exchange Cost (Common items)

  • R.161 Ratchet - $15.00
  • J.161 Ratchet - $20.00
  • NSB.17 Impact Socket - $15.00
  • 257.G Automatic Center Punch - $20.00
  • ANP2x125 Phillips Screwdriver - $4.50

I really don't receive a lot of calls on broken Facom tools. Usually slipping or seized ratchets from lack of use and maintenance. The above items were the only ones returned for exchange in 2014.