2014 Mercedes ML350 BlueTEC 4-matic - $28,500

27,555 miles (7/26/2021)





2014 was the last year of the 6-cylinder, high torque diesel (240hp/455 lb-ft) in the ML350 BlueTec. With it's 24.6 gallon tank, the quoted range was 575+ miles between fuel stops. We purchased this vehicle in June 2014 (from Benzel Busch Mercedes in Englewood, NJ) and it still has very low miles (27,555 as of July 26, 2021). Most ML350 BlueTECs have 3-4x this number of miles on the odometer.

Color is Iridium silver metallic with black MB-Tex seats and wood trim. Well equipped with a window sticker of $64,715. All services are up to date (Service B at 19,551 in March 2019, fuel filter changed at 24,409 in August 2020). All tires were changed at 15,700 miles along with a 4-wheel alignment.

Kept in a climate controlled garage in Northern NJ and driven locally by a retired schoolteacher. There are plenty of ML350 BlueTecs out there for $15-20k if the 75,000+ miles is not an issue. The fuel economy (with diesel) is much better than that on comparable ML and GLE models that require more expensive premium fuel. My old ML500 was lucky to do 12-13 mpg around town compared to the 20-24 mpg we're getting with the BlueTec. I've recorded 30+ MPG on numerous occasions during highway trips.

Clear title. Clean CarFax. Extended factory warranty on many engine and emission related components to June 2025 or 120,000 miles (see details below). Vehicle is available for inspection and test drive in Northern NJ (Bergen County).





Clean CarFax - Note that the BlueTec recall # 2020050015 was performed on 5/11/21 and is No Longer Open


Dealer and Service History (2014-2017)


Dealer and Service History (2018-2021) - recall cited on 5/27/20 was performed at Mercedes of Paramus on 5/11/21.




Interior photos - no pets and never any smoking.


Odometer photos...we are currently driving the ML350 2,500-3,000 miles per year. Current mileage is 26,500



Extended Warranty Coverage from Mercedes (to June 2025)

See details below....warranty is transferrable to new owner

Once the Approved Emission Modification is performed (completed 5/2021 @ Mercedes of Paramus), certain components will have an extended warranty for the greater of 4 years/48,000 miles from the date of installation (ie, to 5/2025) of the Emission Modification or 10 years/120,000 miles from the initial sale date of the vehicle. This extended warranty remains with the vehicle and is fully transferable to subsequent owners until expiration. Appears to cover all OBS2 scans, even if they had nothing to do with the above modifications (troubleshooting the fault codes could be chargeable but reporting the codes is not). Further details regarding this warranty may be found at https://BlueTecUpdate.mbusa.com .




Recorded 32.6mpg on this highway trip between home and the NJ shore.


Gas Station along the NJ Turnpike during the Colonial Pipeline shutdown (May 2021)


Photo from the Airstream Forum

Our 2014 ML350 BlueTec is equipped with the factory towing package. We've never used this feature but there's plenty of discussion online regarding the Mercedes BlueTec towing capabilities. Here are some comments from the AirStream forum. With its 455 ft lbs of torque, the 6-cyl BlueTec has a factory quoted towing capacity at 7,200 lbs.

1. Well I was truly surprised at the pulling power the Mercedes ML 350 Bluetec has. Went up into the North Carolina mountains with 25 foot Airstream and could not believe how easily she was pulling. I thought I would get more than 14 mpg overall but the trip was 850 miles in total. I did 65 mph on the highway and may drop that down next time as getting down to 55 mph does decrease the consumption considerably. Anyhow, an incredible small powerhouse. My Tahoe would have been struggling at the same inclines and drinking well below the 9 mpg that we got when towing in flat Florida earlier this year.

2. Note that the 2015+ model year US diesel is a ML250 BlueTec (turbo diesel 4-cyl). I test drove it and was kind of disappointed. As with all diesels, torque was sufficient off the line, but unlike the 350 BlueTec it started feeling underpowered too early reaching highway speeds. I'll keep looking for a certified pre-owned 350....the 4cyl does not have the tow rating for the larger Airstreams and would be over worked trying to tow a 30' model.

3. Maneuverability is definitely an issue when NOT towing. That's really the biggest benefit of having an ML.........how the vehicle behaves, comfort and fuel economy when you aren't towing.

4. A Mercedes dealer can use the VIN to determine what options the vehicle has. A factory hitch (installed at the factory during production) has extra reinforcement built into the chassis, which is valuable. Aftermarket hitches won't have that - I doubt that even a factory M-B hitch installed later could include that reinforcing member.

5. I traded a fully loaded 2012 Sierra HD Denali for our 2014 ML350 Bluetec for a host of reasons and would not go back even towing our new 2015 30' Bunk. I will admit the extra power is missed on the high steep Colorado passes but it is such a tiny portion of our overall trailering it just did not make sense to keep the truck which did not fit in my garage, my wife would not drive, is hard to maneuver, rough riding especially on concrete highways and not exactly fuel efficient. From Boise to Denver never dropped below 65 and averaged better than 16mpg.


Assorted Emergency Road Tools in a storage pouch (additional & photos details)