Ultimate Garage started in 1995 as a small business helping others create effective home workshops for automotive care. As time passed, these projects became more complex and the scope evolved far beyond the "workshop". I've had the pleasure of working with some great people on some truly extraordinary projects.

Beginning in 2013, I began scaling back my role in garage design/build projects and had discontinued sales & support of several product lines. By 2014, the services side of the business was suspended because now, in my 60's and working alone, I could no longer give these projects the time and support they required.

August 2022 - Looks like "Ultimate Garage" was spared during my current divorce settlement and its time to look forward to resurrecting the Garage Consulting & Design business. I'm currently looking for some younger (I'm 70....you'll probably qualify) guys or women to partner with to help enthusiasts across the country build and outfit their own "ultimate garages" and workshops. If you're interested, give me a call at 201-262-0412 or drop me a line at steve@ultimategarage.com .