Ultimate Garage started in 1995 as a small business helping others create effective home workshops for automotive care. As time passed, these projects became more complex and the scope evolved far beyond the "workshop". I've had the pleasure of working with some great people on some truly extraordinary projects.

Beginning in 2013, I began scaling back my role in garage design/build projects and had discontinued sales & support of several product lines. By 2014, the services side of the business was suspended because now, in my 60's and working alone, I could no longer give these projects the time and support they required.

March 2021 - with some age-related health issues to work through, I've started giving consideration to selling Ultimate Garage. Before doing so, I'd like to resurrect the "services" side of the operations as this adds considerable value to the business for sale.

Ultimate Garage Design & Consulting was operational between 1995-2013 and offered clients a high end alternative to the typical national garage franchise makeovers.  These consumer-oriented garage specialty companies specialize in epoxy floor coatings, slat-wall and MDF/Particle board cabinets....products which are readily available through local "big box" stores, closet companies and online retailers.  Our Ultimate Garage solutions are functional workspaces for discerning DYI enthusiasts and professional mechanics.  We also address your shop's technology and infrastructure....electrical, network, HVAC, compressed air distribution, lighting, etc. We've been installing Level 2 EV charging stations and Wi-Fi access points since 2002. The tool, hardware, and cabinetry products we provide are also a big part of these overall solutions.

If you're interested in becoming part of Ultimate Garage and have a good working knowledge of tools and construction or have direct trade skills, please contact me at steve@ultimategarage.com . This is a partnership/investment opportunity, not just a job offer, and a path to possible ownership of the entire business.