Stainless Steel Flexible Water Connector (FIPxFIP)-1/2x20"

Weight: 0.35 lbs

Falcon 1/2" ID Faucet Connector (for Hose Bibs & Tankless Water Heaters) - 1/2 x 20" - recommended for maximum water flow through 1/2" pipe. Great for outdoor (or workshop) hose bib installations and small tank/tankless water heater applications. This hose is 1/2" ID with 1/2" FIP connectors ("Female Iron Pipe"....ie, Female NPT) on both ends. Available in 6 different lengths - 12", 16", 20", 30", 36", and 60". Don't make the mistake (like I did) of using 1/2" faucet supply hoses for outdoor hose bib applications...there's a huge flow difference.

Falcon hoses will not discolor, corrode or rust nor will they crimp or kink. Other features include.......

  • 304 Series Corrugated Stainless Steel
  • Full Port - no rubber or plastic hose or inserts to reduce flow
  • Stronger and more flexible than copper
  • Re-usable and Re-bendable
  • Minimal deformity in Curvature...these hoses will hold a bend
  • Burst pressure rated to 1850psi
  • Re-Usable and Re-Bendable
  • No Galvanic Effect (no dielectric union is needed)
  • All fittings are chrome plated solid brass
  • High temp EPDM Washer (-40° to 220 °F)
  • 100% leak tested
  • Falcon Warranty


* As a homeowner who has had to deal with emergency repairs over the years, I've become a big fan of Push-to-Connect fittings. I've got a fair amount of Sharkbite fittings in 1/2, 3/4 and 1" and have added a nice selection of Falcon hoses to my stock of repair parts. The braided hoses I had been using were fine for pressure but really cut back on my flow volume. Plus there's a fair amount of discussion online, and a few horror stories, about inspecting and replacing braided hoses far more frequently than I had assumed necessary.

** The fittings on the 1/2" FIP hoses can be tightened with an adjustable wrench or a 15/16" (24mm) open end wrench. Please do not use a pipe wrench. I personally like Facom's 70A series ratcheting flare wrench as this contacts the fitting on all 6 points and is less damaging to the chrome plating. The newly released 467R series fast action combination wrench is slightly cheaper and easier to use and also available in a 24mm size.


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