CJ-125 Portable Coil Cleaning System (Frt)

Weight: 20.00 lbs

SpeedClean CJ-125 Portable Coil Cleaning System (Freight!)- Clean HVAC coils the fast way. The CoilJet® from SpeedClean is a complete portable AC coil cleaning system. It carries all the water and coil cleaner you need to clean up to five, 5 Ton units with 125 psi pressure. It is specifically designed for portable condenser HVAC coil cleaning. It replaces the too powerful pressure washer – and the not powerful enough pump sprayer – to quickly clean coils without damage to sensitive fins, even microchannel coils! There are plenty of online videos demonstrating the CJ-125 being used for indoor and outdoor coil cleaning.

The system cleans virtually any single pass HVAC coil. It produces 125 psi of coil washing power at about .6 gallons per minute. A water flow and pressure that cleans quickly, but won’t overwhelm condensate lines on indoor units. This means you don’t have to pull evaporator coils out to clean the coils or use acidic and caustic "self-rising" sprays. Plus the integrated water and chemical tanks eliminate the need to drag hundreds of feet of hose to clean rooftop or remote units.

The rechargeable battery supply lasts up to 12 tanks on one charge and optional accessory wands allow for cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils from the back of units without removal of the top grate and fan blade. For best results add water and SpeedyFoam®, an alkaline, acid free, non-caustic biodegradable foaming coil cleaner that delivers penetrating foaming action. By combining industrial strength technology with a compact, durable design, CoilJet makes cleaning condenser and evaporator coils quick and easy.

Applications include......

  • Residential and light commercial evaporator units
  • Residential and light commercial ground floor and rooftop condenser units
  • PTAC units
  • Cellular transmission tower AC units
  • Rooftop AC units
  • Attic evaporator coils
  • Refrigeration evaporator and condenser coils
  • Truck and food refrigeration like Thermo King units
  • Perfect for microchannel coils (including automotive radiators)
  • Can even be used for cleaning solar panels

I've been recommending mini-split heat pumps and AC units for garages and workshops for years. With the new Mitsubishi Hyper Heat and Fujitsu Halycyon XLTH technologies, heat pumps can be effectively used for year-round heating and cooling, even here in the Northeast. What most of the HVAC dealers and installers don't tell you is that you need to clean the inside evaporator coil and blower wheel every 2-3 years to eliminate the accumulated mold that collects on these parts. I personally have 8 mini-split head units in our home (plus one in my garage) and felt the best way to sell this product line and accessories was to become familiar with their use.

Freight - this item does not ship for the $10 flat rate amount. Actual shipping costs apply or I can use your Fedex/UPS account for the freight.

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