Transport Plug - All (ltd supply)

Weight: 0.30 lbs

Transport Plug - for use during long term storage or when transporting the vacuum. Keeps dust, debris and odors from spilling and venting from the vac canister. Plug can also used during "Purge Cycle" on XC model vacuums after an intensive cleaning session.

Note- I had been selling Festool's 452899 (CT Blanking Plug) but these are now close to $18.00ea. The plug from Nilfisk is made by a partner company in Germany and is considerably cheaper. There's a tap hold on the end of the plug for a #6x1/2" screw if you chose to secure the plug to the end of your hose or to the vacuum itself.

Photo of transport plug used on an Attix 12 RDF.


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