Bit Holding Ratcheting Wrench (1/4 & 5/16 bits)(Fluorescent)

Weight: 0.22 lbs

Facom Bit Holding Fluorescent Ratcheting Wrench (1/4" & 5/16" Hex bits)(65.PEF) - part of the recently introduced line of fluorescent tools as an effective way to avoid losses and reinforce safety (see Press Release below). Features include..........

  • Detectable with UV lighting in the dark and dimly lit areas for 3 meters (10')
  • Takes both 1/4" and 5/16" Hex Bits (eg, Facom Series 1 and Series 2)
  • Used for installing 1/4" and 5/16" aircraft fasteners.
  • 5° increments.
  • Heads angled at 15°.
  • Bits retained by spring-clip.
  • Knurled head for fast pre-tightening
  • Length : 150 mm
  • Satin chrome finish.

Press Release -"Professionals in the aviation sector must face up to the problem of tool losses, often representing up to 20% of annual equipment replacement. This mislaying of tools in the structure of aircraft being assembled or during maintenance operations has an influence on tool renewal costs. But most importantly, it can have an adverse effect on aircraft operating safety. Aviation companies thus often put in place severe policies on stock monitoring and FOD (Foreign Object Debris/Damage) procedures permitting detection and reduction in the number of forgotten tools. It was crucial to find a solution that was both simple and ingenious, ensuring maximum safety after aircraft assembly and maintenance work.

Facom, the European leader in professional hand tools, always wanting to provide innovative solutions to its customers, is the first company to respond to this particular request and launch its first range of fluorescent tools. Facom has designed the first fluorescent color tools detectable with ultraviolet lamps or neons in the dark or shadowy zones of aircraft. These new fluo yellow color tools make it easy and quick to search and detect the equipment used. They reinforce safety by avoiding equipment being left behind.

Currently, Facom offers a range of 400+ tools that will be progressively extended.....sockets, wrenches, ratchets, screwdrivers, pliers, hex keys, rulers, hammers & punches, etc. These tools have the same strength and comfort qualities than classic tools used in all workshops. The added fluorescent color has been designed to adapt to each of them. The products are made in the group’s factories in France.

The fluorescent tools provide a new solution to professionals, whether in the aviation field or in other key sectors like nuclear and the military."


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