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Needle Scaler (Rust & Slag removal tool)(V.352F)

Weight: 4.02 lbs

Facom Industrial Grade Pneumatic Needle Scaler (V.352F) - replaces V.352 . Used for scaling and surface preparation. A great for removing weld slag, paint, rust, epoxy, etc. Needles adjust to the contours of the surface and can clean an area to bare metal (even irregular surfaces) in a short amount of time. Delivered with 2mm diameter needles for fine cleaning with larger 3mm needles available for rough removal. Suggested retail - $944.00.

Features include.....

  • Straight and compact design allows easy operation even in hard to reach areas.
  • High performance motor delivers 4200 blows per minute for efficient working.
  • Tool used for aggressive material removal for example to remove rust.
  • Needle action great to work on irregular surfaces providing access to cracks or slots.
  • 3 mm needles available as accessory for rougher removal when needed.
  • Delivered with 27 needles diameter 2 mm with matching needle plate.
  • Blows per minute 4200 cpm.
  • Working pressure 6,2 bar.
  • Average air consumption 24 l/min.
  • Average air consumption 0,9 cfm.
  • Air inlet 1/4".
  • Minimum hose diameter 10 mm - 3/8".
  • Vibration 11,7 m/s²/a.
  • Vibration 1,66 m/s²/K.
  • Sound pressure 94 dB(A).
  • Sound power 105 dB(A).
  • Spares (if changing needles, don't forget to order the appropriate needle plate):
  • Set of 27 needles diameter 2 mm: V.352FA1.
  • Needle plate for 2 mm needles: V.352FSAV16A.
  • Set of 12 needles diameter 3 mm: V.352FA1D3.
  • Needle plate for 3 mm needles: V.352FSAV16B.


I've looked at other Needle Scalers available and there are a lot of online comments about quality issues. The Facom unit (previously sold at $575), is now a consideration. This unit has been around for years (as a V.352) and now refreshed with 2 available needle diameters. Rebuild parts are now available through Ultimate Garage to keep this tool in service for years to come.

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