Filter Bags-Attix 8 & 30, Stihl SE-121/SE-122 (1 left)

Weight: 2.00 lbs

Filter Bags-Attix 8 & 30, Stihl SE-121/SE-122 (1 left)

Fleece Filter Bags - Pack of 5........new synthetic ("fleece") filter bags for use in the newer Attix 30 (Basic, HEPA, ASE and XC models) and the older Attix 8 (known as the Attix 3 in Europe) vacuums. Also fits the Stihl SE-121 and SE-122 models (same as Attix 8 & 30). The original Attix 8 used paper bags that are no longer available. Features include.........

  • Stronger material resists tears and breakage from moisture
  • Higher air permeability (less performance loss than the previous paper bags)

Synthetic bags are becoming more popular in the vacuum cleaner industry because of the many benefits they provide. They have higher air permeability which reduces performance loss and higher resistance to tearing from moisture or impact over traditional, paper bags.


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