Air Fuse-1/2" Female to 1/2" Male (Safety Flow Valve)

Weight: 1.00 lbs

Air Fuse-1/2\" Female to 1/2\" Male (Safety Flow Valve)

Prevost Air Fuse (1/2" Male to 1/2" Female) - this safety excess flow check valve is designed to automatically shut off air flow upon a sudden break in the air line, thereby protecting occupants and property from injury and damage cause by "whipping" hoses. This item is recommended for larger shops with 60 gallon+ tanks and/or plumbed installations. Mobile contractors should also use this check valve with large "tow behind" compressors and 1/2" or larger supply hoses.

The valve should be installed after the regulator at the wall drops or after the compressor and should be matched to the diameter of hose being used.... 3/8" ID hose (or larger) uses the 3/8" valve, 1/2" ID hose (or larger) uses the 1/2" valve and the 3/4" ID hose (or larger) uses a 3/4"valve. Reducer bushings should never be used as there might not be adequate CFM flow during a hose (or line) break to shut off the air flow through the safety valve. Air flow must be in direction of the arrow on the check valve.

Check valve allows full unrestricted flow of air while in normal (open) position. Entire unit is corrosion free (aluminum body, stainless steel spring). It automatically re-sets itself after repair is made.


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