PT-355 Digital Phase Converter w/Display-20hp (Frt!)

Weight: 130.00 lbs

Phase Converter-20hp (PT-355) with Display (Free freight when paid via Quickbooks "Pay Now" ACH transfer...see details below) - Recommended for the small to mid-sized commercial business, especially with any load sensitive CNC equipment.



Phase Perfect® produces true sinusoidal three-phase output voltages balanced to within 1% under all load conditions. Because the output voltage is a sine wave with very low harmonic distortion, all types of three-phase equipment can be safely powered. Input current is true sinusoidal, near unity (.99) power factor and does not produce harmonics which can pollute the power grid.


Phase Perfect® can safely power virtually any three-phase application within its rated capacity. It can power resistive and capacitive loads as well as motor or inductive loads. Its power quality makes it ideal for powering demanding loads such as CNC machine equipment, submersible pumps and other voltage sensitive applications.


Phase Perfect® is available with built-in contactor and adjustable solid state overload relay, which allows it to function as a motor starter for most single-motor applications. It also has a control circuit and terminals, which allows an external switch to control both the converter and the load. Installation is straightforward and simple and can usually be accomplished in minutes with a minimum of additional equipment required.


Phase Perfect® converters handle regenerative power by passing clean, balanced power back onto the single-phase line when three-phase loads are in a generating mode. Most other power switching converters waste regenerative power by burning it up with braking resistors. Putting regenerative power back onto the line saves electrical power and even allows Phase Perfect® to operate continuously as a three-phase to single-phase converter.


Utility three-phase service can cost thousands of dollars to install, even when three-phase lines are nearby. Phase Perfect® is an affordable alternative that provides better phase balance than most utilities will specify for their service. It also protects three-phase equipment from damage due to under-voltage, over-voltage and single-phasing that can occur with AC mains power. Phase Perfect® is rugged, reliable and typically 97% efficient.


  • Balanced three-phase voltages
  • High efficiency
  • Electronic power factor correction
  • High momentary overload current capacity
  • Automatic brownout and over-voltage protection
  • Fault protection and overload protection
  • Built-in motor starter capability
  • Clean power fed back to utility grid from three-phase generating loads


  • Input Voltage - 187>260v
  • Recommended Maximum Input Circuit Breaker Rating - 110>125 amps
  • Rated HP - 20hp
  • Output Power Characteristics - 3% thd distortion
  • Output Voltage - 187>260v
  • Maximum Output Current (steady state) - 64amps
  • Overload Current (4 seconds) - 280 amps
  • Efficiency - 97%
  • Weight - 115 lbs
  • Enclosure - Powder coated steel, Type 1 indoor or Type 3R rain proof, and powder coated AI with EMI gasketing
  • Size (Indoor Wall Mount) - 26"(h) x 19"(w) x 14"(d)
  • LCD Display with 36 Character Text for Status Indicators - text display includes advanced diagnostics. Makes troubleshooting and discussions with the factory much easier should a problem arise. This is now standard equipment for 2019.


  • Warranty is 1 year (additional 2yr warranty available for $260.00....total of 3yrs from date of purchase)
  • Unit needs to be wall hung or placed on an open-frame stand for proper air flow/cooling
  • Units are built to order....lead time runs 7-14 days.

Shipping Details - beginning in 2018, customers will be charged actual shipping cost for online orders paid via credit card. Phone orders billed and paid via Quickbooks "Pay Now" ACH bank transfers will receive either a 2% discount on the purchase price or free shipping (whichever is greater). This discount will be reflected in the invoice sent to you via email for payment.

UPDATE - 7/1/18..........NOT FOR SALE IN OKLAHOMA, PENNSYLVANIA OR WASHINGTON STATE - due to the low $10,000 annual sales Nexus threshold in these 3 states, I can no longer ship these high value products to customers in Oklahoma, Pennsylvania or Washington state. I've chosen to cap annual sales to customers in these states at $10,000 (max of $500 per transaction) to avoid the need to collect, file and remit sales tax to these jurisdictions. If you require shipment of a Phase Converter to an address in any of these states, please order through one of my competitors.

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