3/8" Drive Palm Control Ratchet (6.9") (J.161)

Weight: 0.45 lbs

3/8\" Drive Palm Control Ratchet (6.9\") (J.161)

Facom 3/8" Drive Palm Control Rotator Ratchet - the 161 Series palm control ratchets enable the user to apply steady pressure in line with the fastener without switching the ratchet direction. Torque is transmitted through 17 teeth in mesh for improved load distribution through the tool. There are a total of 72 teeth for precision access, ie, 5 degree increments...the teeth are heat treated. Repair kits kept in stock (see below). Satin chrome finish. Ratchet length is 175mm (approx 6.9").

Note - With proper maintenance, this tool will provide a lifetime of service. The factory grease for the ratchet and pawl may dry out and harden over time causing the ratchet to slip.

Ratchet Maintenance & Warranty:

Maintenance - Facom fine tooth ratchets must be cleaned and lubricated periodically. It is common for the factory grease in the ratchet head to harden with lack of use or environmental exposures causing the teeth in the ratchet and pawl to slip or seize. I have found that this grease can be loosened by spraying penetrating oil (WD40, Rost-Off, Kroil, PB-Blaster, etc) into the gaps between the ratchet body and the rotating square drive and working the ratchet in both directions to disperse the oil. If this doesn't work, take the ratchet apart as directed on the maintenance sheet and clean the teeth on the ratchet body and pawl directly with a fine brush. Check the spring tensioning pin on the inside of the knurled cap (if the pin is broken, you'll need a repair kit...R.161C/J.161C/S.161C) and that the "heart-shaped" tensioning spring is intact and positioned correctly upon reassembly (if the spring is broken, you'll need a repair kit....R.161RN/J.161RN/S.161RN).

Facom does offer a line of maintenance free ratchets (these are factory sealed against dust and exposure....no maintenance kits are available). These are all available through the online store........

  • 1/4" Drive........RL.161
  • 3/8" Drive........JL.161
  • 1/2" Drive........SL.161, SXL.161, SXL.171, SXL.180
  • 3/4" Drive........KL.161

Warranty - in almost all cases, poor ratchet performance or failures are "maintenance issues" (see above). Facom warranty is protection against factory defects...these typically appear upon initial use of the tool. Ultimate Garage will repair or replace any defective ratchet it sells within 30 days of purchase assuming the failure is not due to abuse (ie, using pipe extensions for additional leverage, using the tool as a hammer, etc).


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