MODM.PC (USAG) Circlip Plier Module Set-4pc (19-60mm)

Weight: 2.10 lbs

USAG 4pc Circlip Plier Module Set (with Foam tray)(519M/127N) - for circlips 19-60mm . Color coded for expansion and compression. Includes the following....

  • 127N Straight Nose for Internal circlips (19-60mm)
  • 127PN 90° Nose for Internal circlips (19-60mm)
  • 128N Straight Nose for External circlips (19-60mm)
  • 128PN 90° Nose for External circlips (19-60mm)
  • Module Storage Tray

These pliers are identical to the Facom 177/179/197/199 "A-series" circlip pliers. Features include....

  • Color coded: expansion / compression (Increased productivity through quicker identification of the pliers in the tool box)(Yellow=expansion, Green=compression)
  • Narrow head and tips for access in tight spots
  • Piano wire tips...Resistant to deformation and reinforced to reduce the risk of breakage.
  • Recessed spring...Protects the spring and reduces the risk of spring loss or ejection.
  • Extended tips, angled at 10 °...for better clip retention and reduces the risk of twisting or dropping circlips.
  • Textured, non-slip PVC grips...increased comfort and reduced risk of the tool slipping or dropping from the hand during use

Alternate - same as the Facom MOD.PC but in a foam tray.

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