#10 x 3" Stainless Steel Torx w/double lock thread (990pc)

Weight: 17.00 lbs

Stainless Steel Torx Drive Flat Head Double Lock Screw for exterior use - Double ThreadLok™ design pulls and holds boards tight, preventing screws from backing out as lumber dries out. Ribbing on the seat of the screw head allows countersinks the screw without mushrooming. Torx plus drive means better grip with power drivers and less stripped screws. Suitable for marine and industrial applications where corrosion resistance is important.

While stainless steel offers the ultimate surface protection, it does not have the shear strength of a the comparable carbon steel HCR-X series. I would not recommend stainless steel for structural applications. They are great for decks, rails and sheathing.....especially exposed fasteners as the aeshetics are better.

These screws are sold in MasterPacks....three 5 lbs boxes.

Comparison Photo - standard vs doublelock stainless screw

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