Spax Screws

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When it comes to screw fasteners for general construction, fine woodworking, automotive and light industrial applications, Spax of Germany has a long history of manufacturing a world class product. These screws are stronger to resist shearing when using power drivers. Their thread serrations (see photos below) and coatings allow them to drive easier, typically without pre-drilling. Pozidrive, Uni-drive (combination pozi/square drive/phillips) and Torx head designs ensure even the largest screws are driven securely.

Spax - Festool - Lista

For soft/hard woods, treated lumber, masonry, composite decking, MDF, and thin gauge metals, Ultimate Garage is pleased to add Spax to its inventory of quality fasteners.


Flat Head Screws - Indoor

Spax Flat Head Silver Zinc Screws

Spax Flat Head Yellow Zinc Screws

Flat Head Screw - full thread (silver or yellow zinc finish)

Spax Flat Head Partial Thread Screws (silver zinc only)

Flat Head Screw - partial thread (silver zinc finish)


Flat Head Screws - Outdoor

Spax Flat Head Deck Screws - HCR coating (green)

Spax Flat Head Deck Screws - HCR coating (silver)

HCR (High Corrosion Resistance) screws - in the process of changing over from a dacromet (grey) to a green finish (color will vary with US availability at this time).


Pan Head / Washer Head Screws - Indoor

Spax Pan Head Screws

Pan Head Screw - full thread (silver zinc finish)

Spax Washer Head Screws

Washer Head Full Thread Rear Panel Screw (Pozidrive with silver zinc finish)


The flat bearing surface under the head makes these popular fasteners for the trades - electricians, HVAC contractors, cabinet installers, etc. These fasteners are pozidrive with 8 points of contact with the bit for more effective torque transfer.


MDF Screws

Spax MDF Screws

MDF/Edge Arrow Point Partial Thread Screw - specifically engineered for MDF. No pre-drilling necessary. Slender head with the ribbed underside easily countersinks into the material. Silver zinc finish. These fasteners are currently being changed by Spax from pozidrive to torx drive. The appropriate drive bit (mfg by Festool / Wiha) is included by Ultimate Garage with the sale of each box of screws.


Construction Screws

Spax Stainless Steel Screws

Stainless Steel (square drive) flat head screw with double lock thread. The ultimate outdoor screw...for wood decks, fences, docks, etc.

Spax Washer Head Lag Screws - yellow zinc or HCR (green)

Spax Hex Head Lag Screws - silver zinc or HCR (green)

Heavy duty lag screws (in 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" and 1/2" sizes) for interior and exterior applications. Hex head and washer head/torx drive.


Spax Assortments

Spax Large Assortment

Spax large kit - zinc & corrosion resistant screws with driver


Spax Yellow Zinc Assortment

Spax yellow zinc kit

Spax Small Mixed Assortment

Spax small kit - silver zinc, yellow zinc & corrosion resistant screws