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(MOD.ANXR+)-9pc Protwist Resistorx Screwdriver Module Set (U)

Weight: 2.19 lbs

(MOD.ANXR+)-9pc Protwist Resistorx Screwdriver Module Set (U)

USAG 9pc 324 Series Resistorx Screwdriver Module Set - Also known as "Tamper-Resistant" or "Tamper-Proof" Torx. This is an extented version (9pc instead of 7pc) of the Facom MOD.ANXR or MODM.ANXR for customers requiring smaller size drivers. It does NOT include the T27 or T40 (see alternate 324STX/S7 set with these sizes).

Sizes in this module set are T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T15, T20, T25, and T30. Great complement to any of the other USAG (or Facom) slotted/phillips sets.

USAG's 324 series screwdriver features include.....

  • Ergonomic handle with Strong, Comfortable Grip - 5 handle sizes to suit the tip size. Small sizes have a long, thin body for a faster screwing action. Larger sizes have a wider gripping surface for a firmer hold and maximum torque application. Handle is resistant to most chemical abrasives.
  • Accurate black-tipped blade - black tip means no risk of flaking and improved accuracy. The dimensional accuracy of the machined tip is retained. No chromium deposits in the environment. No weakening due to hydrogen release during chromium plating (ie, properly heated after plating to relieve hydrogen embrittlement)

  • Powerful carbon silicon steel blade - very strong with excellent resistance to bending

  • Color coded - for easy identification of all 324 Series screwdrivers (Red=slotted, Yellow=phillips, Green=torx, Blue=pozidriv)


Note - This set will handle both standard torx and tamper-resistant torx fasteners


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