Aurora Light Box - Portable Full Spectrum Lighting

Weight: 12.00 lbs

Aurora Light Box - portable full spectrum lighting. Marketed as a non-pharmaceutical treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder, I use it frequently in the shop and workplace for.......

  • Vehicle side panel illumination when detailing
  • Vehicle paint inspection in the garage
  • Room illumination for paint and construction projects
  • Undercar lighting with the car on the lift
  • Lighting for indoor photography (for product detail)
  • General fill-in illumination

The Aurora light box's primary benefits, compared to the commonly used halogen work lights are............

  • Far less heat and energy consumption (120w vs 500w)
  • Greater lumen output - Aurora claims 10,000 lux @ 24"
  • Higher color accuracy and color temperatures simulate Noon daylight conditions (5000K and 96 CRI)
  • Greater safety - lower temperatures mean less chance of burns or fire
  • Longer bulb life....20,000hrs vs ???? (I've had halogen bulbs fail within the first hour of operation)

The light box has a convenient handle for transport and rubber feet for placement in an upright or flat position. There are also slots on the rear of the housing for mounting the lightbox on a tripod or stand.

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