Shipping to Italy

Effective 2/1/13

Ultimate Garage will ship most of its products to customers in the UK and Europe. These orders must be processed manually as the online store is not setup to accept international orders. I prefer to ship in USPS Flat Rate Priority boxes as the costs are reasonable and delivery times are typically 6-10 days.

For higher value orders ($200+) and for heavier shipments that will not fit the Flat Rate box guidelines, Fedex Economy air is used for shipping. There are no Fedex brokerage fees with their economy air service and delivery times are 3-7 days. In addition, online tracking is available for all Fedex shipments (this is not the case with the US postal shipments). Customers will be responsible for local taxes and customs which will be estimated and added to your shipping cost. As an alternative, I will gladly use a customer's Fedex account number and ship via Fedex Collect.

Note - all sales outside the US must be settled via Paypal or Wire Transfer.


Shipping Cost (via US Postal Service - Priority International)

Box Type Weight Inside Dimensions


Insured Value

Small Flat Rate Box 1-4 lbs 8.6" x 5.4" x 1.6" (219x136x41mm)


up to $200

Medium Flat Rate Box (A) 1-20 lbs 11" x 8.5" x 5.5" (279x215x139mm)


up to $200

Medium Flat Rate Box (B) 1-20 lbs

11" x 3.5" x 13.5" (279x88x342mm)


up to $200

Large Flat Rate Box (A) 1-20 lbs 12" x12" x 5.5" (304x304x139mm)


up to $200

Large Flat Rate Box (B) 1-20 lbs

23" x 11" x 3" (584x279x76mm)


up to $200

Rectangular Boxes - Shipped via USPS Priority Mail * 1 lb   $40.00

up to $200

  2 lbs   $44.00 up to $200
  3 lbs   $48.00 up to $200
  4 lbs  


up to $200

  5 lbs  


up to $200
  6 lbs  


up to $200
  7 lbs   $66.00 up to $200
  8 lbs   $68.00 up to $200

* Popular size boxes used for larger dimensional items (under $200 in value and less than 8 lbs) include 16x12x4", 17x13x5", 18x8x6" and 20x14x6". Items exceeding these dimensions, weights or values will be shipped via Fedex Economy air.


Shipping Cost (via Fedex Economy Air)

Rates will be quoted based on order value, weight and dimensional requirements. Ultimate Garage receives deep discounts on Fedex air shipments which will be passed onto the customer. We have no problem using your own Fedex account number and shipping your order "Freight Collect" (ie, Bill transportation to "Recipient" and Bill duties/taxes/fees to "Recipient").

Note - Fedex will require a valid postal code and daytime phone number in order to create the shipping labels and documents.